Tuesday, 17 July 2012

rihanna's new collection

Rihanna has recently confirmed that she will be making a new collection for high street hottie River Island! I eagerly await the arrival of this collection and knowing Rihanna this isn't gonna be one of your usual run-off-the-mill high street wear! I decided to explore Rihanna's style over the years....enjoy!

Barely recognisable, Rihanna looks a long way from the woman we know now. Looking young and fresh and quite beautiful. Make-up not natural but definitely understated compared to the look she goes for these days! This was taken nearer the start of her career (around 2005).

Wow! Can anyone remember these days? When Rihanna wore something as normal as jeans and a cropped jacket? I'm not quite sold on the jacket but she still looks sweet here.

This is from 2007, I think she looks very pretty here. I never knew her hair to look like that - I must have missed that one! She looks very elegant and grown-up.

Then her style started to mature. By 2010 Rihanna's image was very, very different. I love the pattern on the dress, her earrings, her hair...the whole image! Those heels were definitely a good move too!

When we saw Rihanna on Vogue's front page the girl had made the step from cute pop singer to fashion-Icon! Her statement hair and lips all matching - very impressive

Then came 2012.....

Oh, I love Boy London :) More later :)

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Thursday, 12 July 2012


Just a quick post today to fill you in on todays activity : shopping! I bought a couple of really lovely things today.......

A cute lace party dress and belt.....(both H&M)

An awesome printed crop-top......(Republic)

A pair of 'Wonder Woman' converse....(Bought from Schuh)

And some bargain eye liners from '17'.
A very productive day indeed!
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Wednesday, 11 July 2012


I promised more on Labrinth and I am not one to break promises. I love his music and his bright taste in clothes. Always very dapper and unbeatedly stylish!
So what do I love about him?

How he always bow ties like no other man can....

How he always looks a proper gentleman in his jackets.....

How even this print (sworn with the right v-neck) looks amazing on him....

His incredible ability to rock a polo with a 2-peice suit.......

That flower and those glasses.....!

This is my favourite. What a jacket. Enough said : )

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Tuesday, 10 July 2012


I have a couple of family parties this month and I've been looking (rather frantically, just like me to leave it last minute!) for something cute to wear. Looking around I have been inspired by the amount of amazing playsuits on offer on the high street at the moment. Some of my favourites are.....

This amazing tropical print one. The waistband around the middle makes it a nice figure-hugging shape....(£42 from Topshop)


This one I think is more suited for a night out when the sun is out! Very pretty, complementing colours....(£48 from Topshop)

Sophisticated girly lace. Not so big on pattern but just as stylish. Suitable for night and day depending on how you dress it up....(£32 from Topshop)

This brilliant orange one. Perfect matched with a pair of silver gladiators and aviators....(£35 from Topshop)

This one is a slightly unusual pattern but still a brilliant playsuit. The orange and blue look great together and give the playsuit a vintage vibe. I especially love the ruffles hidden all over and the V-neckline.....(Now £20 from Topshop) A bargain price too! Perfect!

A range of styles, patterns and prices but all equally lovely playsuits. You may have noticed that they are all from Topshop! My general consensus is that Topshop is the place to go for the ideal summer playsuit for day or night!
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Monday, 9 July 2012

astrid anderson

If you're looking for a designer that won't follow the usual catwalk trends for men then look no further than Astrid Anderson. Astrid is by far one of my favourite menswear designers, bringing a crazy new meaning to 'street'! Here's a collection of my favourite of her work from the last few years. I promise you'll be blown away ;)  

Love the coordinating colours here.
Looking past his feet you notice how the fur coat is part of a hoody....pure class.
I want to see more men wearing these satin pants! Very cool!
More coordinating colours. Definitely stops the outfit from going to far out.
More metallic, satin trousers! And a man that can work a crop top? Yes, yes, yes!
Too cool. Hip, street, trendy, there are not enough words
A bit different and maybe won't appeal to everyone but if anyone has ever tried to stand out from the crowd then it is Astrid. The women is a genius with how she manages to just push the outfit to the edge but never over it! Bring on AW13 :) xxxxxxxxxx