Monday, 9 July 2012

astrid anderson

If you're looking for a designer that won't follow the usual catwalk trends for men then look no further than Astrid Anderson. Astrid is by far one of my favourite menswear designers, bringing a crazy new meaning to 'street'! Here's a collection of my favourite of her work from the last few years. I promise you'll be blown away ;)  

Love the coordinating colours here.
Looking past his feet you notice how the fur coat is part of a hoody....pure class.
I want to see more men wearing these satin pants! Very cool!
More coordinating colours. Definitely stops the outfit from going to far out.
More metallic, satin trousers! And a man that can work a crop top? Yes, yes, yes!
Too cool. Hip, street, trendy, there are not enough words
A bit different and maybe won't appeal to everyone but if anyone has ever tried to stand out from the crowd then it is Astrid. The women is a genius with how she manages to just push the outfit to the edge but never over it! Bring on AW13 :) xxxxxxxxxx


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