Sunday, 8 July 2012

t4 on the beach 2012

Hello and welcome to my new blog! I'm not new to blogging as I do have another old blog but looking back at it is kind of embarrassing now! I hope you like my new blog and if you do comment and follow!
My first post is on the highlights of T4 on the Beach 2012. Music wasn't the only focus and I for one have loved 'examining' all the awesome outfits....such as.....

Labrinth's bold fashion statement and cute festival hat...(I love this guy, definitely more on him soon)...

Rita Ora's questionable jumpsuit.....

Little Mix's new take on rock-chick....

Stooshe's cutting edge colour and print clashing....

And Marina's classy lady 'Moschino' get-up....

I for one can't wait for next year! Thanks for reading, comment and follow xxxx:)


  1. Rita Ora's jumpsuit.... Definitely quetionable!! Xxx

  2. Cool blog! Thanks for commenting on mine!

  3. Amazing blog! Can't wait for the next post ;)
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